The Genesis Experience


At Genesis Academy we believe that each child is made in the image of God, given special gifts by God and has a God-ordained purpose in life. The job of all staff and teachers is to seek and harness those special gifts. Thus, we are committed to academic excellence guided by Biblical truths. The school strives to meet these special needs in four primary areas: academic, physical, spiritual and social. The school attempts to develop an integrated academic environment wherein each student is challenged and effused with enthusiasm for learning. In the physical area, the school desires to develop in each student a healthy respect for his/her body and the importance of enjoying leisure and sports activities. Spiritually, the school will strive to help the student grow in his/her respect and love for God and for others and for the wisdom of God’s Word. Within a Christian worldview, our philosophy emphasizes developing a student who finds confidence in self and learns how he/she relates to authority, family and peers.

Our Approach

At Genesis Academy, we believe that children make life connections based on a holistic view of the world and so we use an integrated curriculum that help our students make such connections.

Our Student-Centered approach has proven effective in the development of critical thinking, creative problem- solving, positive attitudes toward the subject taught, and an increase in the level of confidence in knowledge, skills, and overall performance.

Our Student-Centered Approach includes:
• Active learning, in which students solve problems, answer questions, formulate questions of their own, discuss, explain, debate, or brainstorm during class;
• Co-operative learning, in which students work in teams to solve problems under conditions that assure both positive interdependence and individual accountability;
• Inductive teaching and learning, in which students are first presented with challenges (questions or problems) and learn the course material in the context of addressing them.

Parents Want...
  • A place where they know their child will be safe.
  • Their child to master the fundamentals and be grounded in a strong foundation necessary for their continued development.
  • A nurturing environment that guarantees that their child will receive the individualized attention necessary for them to grow.
  • An institution where they know their child will be comprehensively shaped to meet the academic, social, moral and spiritual challenges that they will face in an ever-changing world.
Genesis Academy Offers...
  • Smaller teacher to student ratio classes.
  • Certified teachers who are experienced and passionate about their profession and vocation.
  • An integrated curriculum with an emphasis on math, science and technology.
  • A safe, aesthetically inviting, and fully air-conditioned learning environment complete with multi-media ready classrooms.
  • A central location that is easily accessible for students coming from most directions

Genesis Academy Vision

The Genesis Academy Vision is informed by rational thinking and Biblical teachings that encourages partnership with parents and members of the wider community, as well as the Government, to promote high standards of Biblical morality, ethics, justice and social good.

Genesis Academy Mission

To be an educational institution dedicated to the upholding of high standards of Biblical truth and morality, the achieving of excellence with consistency in academics, culture, arts and sports, the nurturing of personality in creativity and service, and the inculcation of principles for building good character and loyal citizenship.