Laws of Life Essay Competition

Genesis Academy is proud to once again highlight the hard work and accomplishments of our students.

We are honored to congratulate Israel Edgecombe a fifth grade student for placing second in the primary division of the Templeton Foundation Laws of Life Essay Competition. He was presented his award and prize this evening at the foundation’s awards ceremony held at Malia Nassau Beach Hotel, Cable Beach. A special note of congratulations is extended to Mrs. Walkine our upper elementary Creative Writing teacher.

What is the ‘Laws of Life Essay Competition’? 

Sir John Templeton, the founder, introduced the laws of life essay competition over 25 years ago as an avenue to financially contribute to the development of young minds. He strongly believed that there are a set of rules, ideals and principles which he called “the laws of life”  that should guide one in living a full and joyous existence. He felt that an essay competition was a great way to encourage young people to reflect on these principles, hence the birth of the competition.

The competition is held annually and students from all schools private and public throughout the Bahamas are invited and encouraged to participate. Participants are awarded cash and tuitionprizes for winning essays. The 2015 “Laws of Life” essay competition consists of four divisions: primary (grades 5-6), junior (grades 7-9), senior (grades 10-12) and college students.

We look forward to many more of our students taking advantage of this opportunity by submitting their essays in the 2016 competition.

Way to go Israel!!!

Way to go Genesis Academy!!! 


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