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Most people think of a classroom in a manner that is physically limited and small. That is, they think of a building area limited with four walls and within that square of walls, desks and seats and a whiteboard. Fair enough for a general populace.

Genesis Academy however has a more expansive view. We go much beyond such physical space confinement. Genesis Academy staff and supporters see a classroom as opportunity that is extensive. Therefore, our school year is filled with learning activities that go much farther than the traditionally perceived physical environment.

Genesis Academy calls this broader and dynamic perspective ‘The Moving Classroom Concept’. This is a concept that includes movement both on our physical campus environment in Nassau, the Bahamas, and extends to the Family Islands nationally, as well as Caribbean countries regionally, yet wider internationally.

Driven by this concept we have been involving students in adventures such as locating varying ecosystems around our school, taking virtual fieldtrips through the use of our interactive whiteboards, and travelling technologically throughout our Family Islands, regionally throughout the Caribbean, and internationally to continents such as Europe, North America.

Those adventures in learning that characterize Moving Classroom experiences are all part of our integrated learning process that combines science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics. These experiences are curriculum designed and not merely for fascination and recreation. These are ventures and adventures in learning to enhance education beyond physical boundaries limitation.

Florida-Lion King

Andros Bahamas

Denver Colorado-Winter Blast

Washington DC

Europe-London, France & Spain

New York City

Europe-Germany, Italy/Rome, Switzerland

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