Meet Our Team

Administrators, Teachers & Staff 2017-18

We have an enthusiastic, highly motivated staff, committed to a caring, child-centered and community-centered ethos. We offer skilled teaching, a creative and eclectic curriculum with high academic standards and an education that concentrates on developing the whole child. Meet our GREAT team.



Mrs. Hanna

Principal & Proprietor

Ms. Knowles

Vice Principal

Mrs. Knowles

Director of Academic Affairs
Giorgio Knowles (2)

Mr. Knowles

Operations Manager

Mr. Tinkle Hanna

Dean of Students
Keleish Walkine (10)

Mrs. Walkine

Master Teacher High School

Office Personnel

Tierra Hanna (11)

Miss Hanna

Office Assistant
Imana Fonseca (3)

Ms. Fonseca

Office Assistant

Early Learning Division (Pre-K1 – Kindergarten)

Whitney Storr (8)

Miss Storr

Pre-K1 Little Beginnings
Monalisa Williams (10)

Mrs. Williams

Pre-K2-Little Beginnings
Falon Albury (10)

Mrs. Albury

Teacher's Aide Pre-K2
Shakia Peet (8)

Mrs. Peet

Rashann Porter (3)

Miss Porter

Kimberley Turnquest (9)

Miss Turnquest


Elementary Division (Grades 1-6)

Jannicka Pearce (5)

Miss Pearce

Grade 1
Elaine Pratt (3)

Ms. Pratt

Grade 2
Julie Stuart (2)

Mrs. Stuart

Grade 3
Denise Francis (7)

Miss Francis

Math & Science Grades 4-6
Tamika Taylor (9)

Mrs. Taylor

English, Reading Comprehension & Social Studies Grades 4-6; Choir
Travante Taylor (23)

Mr. Taylor

Fine Arts Pre-K3-Grades 4; Bible Grades 4-6; Choir

Mr. T Hanna

Photography Grades 5 & 6
Leisl Wright (2)CROPPED copy

Ms. Wright

Writing Consultant
Simone Smith (1)

Mrs. Simone Smith

Spanish Pre-K3-Grade 6

High School Division Grades 7-12

Alexia Tolas (14)

Miss Tolas

English Grades 7-9
Jeanine Capron (1)

Mrs. Capron

High School- Housekeeping, Accounting, Commerce & Economics
Keleish Walkine (10)

Mrs. Walkine

English Grades 10-12; Literature Grades 7-9; Religious Ed Grades 10 & 11; Master Teacher
Dereck Paul (4)

Mr. Paul

Art & Design & Technical Drawing Grades 7-12
Kerri Taylor (2)

Mrs. Taylor

Math & Physics- Grades 10-12
Miriam Kanti (5)

Miss Miriam Kanti

Biology Grades 9-12 & Chemistry Grades 10-12
Ria Treco (6)

Ms. Treco

Spanish and Microsoft Office- Grades 7-12
Tamara Moncur (12)

Miss Moncur

Social Studies & General Science Grades 7-9; Drama & Theatre Grades 7-12
Giorgio Knowles (2)


Programming and Coding (Grade 7-12)
Tiara Josey (10)

Miss Josey

Math, Religious Ed, Office Procedures-Grades 7-9; Dance
Eric Ward (7)

Mr. Ward

Communications (Radio) Grades 7-12
Drew Roberts (9)

Mr. Roberts

Communications (Radio) Grades 7-12

Mrs. Knowles

History Grades 10-12; Religious Ed Grade 12

Mr. T Hanna

Communications (Film & TV) Grades 7-12
Antonio Hernandez (4)

Mr. Hernandez

Physical Education


Yva Elme (13)

Ms. Elme

Genesis 1 Campus Housekeeping
Cheryl Sweeting (9)

Cheryl Sweeting

Genesis 2 Campus Housekeeping
Judy Capron (1)

Ms. Capron

Genesis 3 Campus Housekeeping


Staff Photos, June 12, 2017 (16)

Mr. Avery Lightbourne

Basketball Coach
Staff Photos, June 12, 2017 (8)

Mr. Dano Clarke

Basketball Coach
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