Elementary Division (Grades 1-6)


Our curriculum is both electric and dynamic.


The Elementary Curriculum includes: literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, Bible, physical education, swimming, Spanish, art, technology, and Fine Arts.

Our inquiry-based approach, collaborative work, hands-on activities, experiments, independent learning, online learning, and teacher-directed learning are all typical learning strategies used every day in our classrooms.

Information regarding learning expectations and student progress is communicated to students and parents via one- to-one meetings, e-mails, conferences, telephone calls, handwritten notes, and home-school communication.  Results of both provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning.

Extra-curricular activities are a part of our program.  Students can participate in the GA Rotary Early Act Club, Art & Design Club, Dance Club, Choir, Drama, G-Force Basketball Team, Martial Arts, Spelling Bee and more.


Our Student assessment and evaluation performance at GA are both formative and summative.


To ensure overall student success, we provide a safe, warm and friendly, clean, esthetically pleasing and supportive community in which of all individuals loved and respected. In adherence with our philosophy to see children oriented Biblically, motivated creatively and assisted practically to become the best they can be in every aspect of personality and area of performance in life and our core belief that each child is made in the image of God, given special gifts by God and has a God-ordained purpose in life, the job of all staff and teachers is to seek and harness those special gifts.